A little about me and mine

My name is Julie and I am currently starting out as a writer. You are joining me at the very beginning of my journey. The screen featured in the image above is the start of my writing journey. My greatest need was a pleasant and undisturbed place in which I could work. Our home is modest in size, with two bedrooms. As is often the case, the second bedroom has become the storage room. ‘Storage’ would be using the term loosely. Cornflakes on offer in Tesco? Buy a couple of boxes and ‘shove them in the spare room’. Nowhere to store all those dance shoes (more about that later) – guess where they are stored? Need I go on?

What I needed most was to hide the junk. So I bought myself this beautiful screen. Some may think it tacky but I call it my ‘Tree of Life’. The start of my life as a writer. Hidden from view, on the other side of this small room is a corner desk, tucked under a set of 1970’s over-bed fitted wardrobes. Instead of a bed, sits my desk and my ergonomically comfortable chair. Also residing there is my laptop, my coursework folder (more to follow) and a selection of stationery.

We don’t own our house so its not really in our best interests to rip out the wardrobes and refit the room at present. Let me hit fame and fortune first, please! Now, don’t get the wrong impression of me. I am very proud of my home and I keep it beautifully decorated and clean. We rent it privately – our landlord lives next door but we rarely see him. We have a beautiful garden (I may have to fill you in later) and are very happy here.

I mentioned ‘we’ which is not the royal ‘we’ but me and my fabulous husband of ten years. We met in later life after both having failed relationships (oh yes, I am sure that will come in later posts). His name is Clive and between us, but not together, we have five great children. Grown up ‘children’ comprising four sons and a daughter. My twin sons and Clive’s eldest son went to school together while my daughter was in the year above and his youngest son was a couple of years below.

Clive and I love to dance. Dancing is our greatest pleasure. We started learning not long after we moved in together (after seeing each other for two months – more later!) and have never looked back. Clive also loves to fly kites and, while I am happy to watch and occasionally fetch and carry the kites that don’t launch, I like to spend my time writing or reading.

Before I tell you my life story and all about my hobbies, let’s just say I will fill in some of the details in later posts which you may or may not wish to link to. The choice is yours but I will try to balance wit and wisdom for your reading pleasure.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you.


((x)) (Yes, I know we don’t know each other but doesn’t everyone deserve a kiss and a hug?)


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