Ceroc, Dancing

A change of regular Ceroc venue, coupled with the continuing heatwave

Monday evening has arrived. Monday evening is extremely hot. The heatwave continues with temperatures back to the low thirties once more. We have decided not to go to our regular dance class tonight, instead we plan to go to North Walsham tomorrow night, and a regular class night that we don’t often attend. Our thinking was along the lines of the temperature hitting the low thirties tonight but the forecast being slightly lower for Tuesday evening. However, as often is the case, the forecast has now changed and Tuesday evening is set to be just as warm, possibly even warmer.

Theory one already scrapped by the weather forecast but, having come home to a gloriously warm garden with an invitingly shady corner, I have fixed a generous glass of Pimms (strawberry with a hint of mint, no less) poured over an even more generous portion of ice and lemonade for myself and a cider for my husband, we are in no state to drive to the other side of the city. Also, for some reason this evening, we both look as though we have already completed a full week’s work and its only Monday!

Theory two is now in motion. We planned to go to North Walsham and, therefore, we will go to North Walsham. We are real troopers and we will bear the heat to enjoy a dance. Our very good friend, Steve,  is teaching and DJ-ing tomorrow night, quite the multi-tasker, so it will be great to see him there. We don’t often go to the class at North Walsham and this has nothing to do with the teachers, DJ or regular dancers at the venue and everything to do with the fact that we love our Monday nights’ dancing after the weekend and we always go to Carnegie Room, Thetford class on a Wednesday, where I demo, and we like to enjoy a recovery day in three if we can. Coupled with the class I am helping at on Friday in Great Yarmouth this week, I think three nights will produce more than enough sweat, thank you kindly.

While we are far from reliant on meeting people we know at regular classes, we have so many friends at the various venues that, wherever we go, we are always made to feel welcome. So, having only attended freestyles at this venue, watch this space for news on whether we enjoyed our first actual Ceroc class at North Walsham.



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