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…but what if I stumble?

How many times have you walked past a poster advertising a local dance class and wondered what it would be like to learn to dance? Really dance, not strut like Uncle Bob at cousin Geraldine’s wedding last summer or shuffle like an embarrassed teenager at an eighties school disco.

Maybe you talked yourself into going along to a class and subsequently questioned the outcome.

What if I stumble and fall?

What if nobody talks to me?

What if I really do have two left feet?

My question to you would be “What does it matter?” Walking through the doors of the dance class I frequent, it doesn’t matter a jot if you are alone or a part of a group. All beginners are greeted by a friendly face and some experienced helpers so there is already someone to chat to.

Stumbling.  That’s an odd one and one I can’t answer. Even the best dancers stumble from time to time. Compared to the dancers on Strictly Come Dancing you would be witnessed by far fewer people. Most dancers are so wrapped up in their own dance that, short of not bumping into other couples, they are mostly unaware of what happens around them. In the ten years I have been dancing, I have only witnessed a handful of falls. Stumbles happen all of the time but, as the saying goes if you stumble you should just make it a part of the dance. In dancing, mistakes are merely variations unless, of course you ARE on Strictly!

If you already follow my blog or know me personally, you will already be aware how much I enjoy dancing with Ceroc but if you happened upon this blog via a search engine its going to be news to you.

Ceroc dance classes click here for details are hugely popular. Since the early eighties it has grown in size to over 500,000 members. That’s a lot of dancers all over the UK spread among and between over 250 classes.

The only advice I can offer for a wannabe dancer is to go for it. After all, what is the worst that can happen? You make lots of new friends, you learn to dance, you get fit, you stave off depression and you could lose weight and tone up those muscles, too. With all of those benefits, who cares if you have to turn the odd mistake into a variation?


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