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In need of honest reviews

To all my blogging friends and followers. I wrote this story as an assignment for a course I am taking, but I wondered if anyone would offer me a short (just a couple of lines) review in the comments section?

The story is just under 3000 words, approximately ten pages of double spaced text and it is far from perfect, edited once, but in my opinion something is missing…

Will happily review short stories for others in return (please mention in comments).

Thank you to all possible reviewers.

I’m Going Ghost Hunting!


4 thoughts on “In need of honest reviews”

  1. Nice story! I think all the pieces are here! I especially loved your colorful/descriptive language and that the ghosts were visible from the start!

    I really wanted to know more about how the MC was feeling upon arrival and more on how shocked she felt at the very end. Maybe a comparison of newcomers to old ghost hunting pros in the room and her reaction to that as well.

    I would have been SO nervous as a newcomer looking around to see how many other newcomers were there!


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