Ceroc, Dancing

Dancing! On a school night?

Must leave on time, not let work us delay,
Quick shower, fresh clothes, then we’ll be on our way.
Maybe make time for some crackers with cheese,
Rush from the door, grabbing dance shoes and keys.

Some journeys are long, destinations quite far,
After a work day, we’ll just rest in the car.
Take time for ourselves, watch our energies soar,
For when we hear music, we’re straight to the floor.

Pulsing and rhythmic, we cannot resist,
Friends we see each week, and some we have missed.
Blood, now is pumping, to learn we are ready,
Beginners and newbies, some can feel unsteady.

Class, normal format, a welcome routine,
Rows of new faces, to learn they are keen.
Moves broken down into steps, made so easy,
Danced to the rhythm of tunes, not so cheesy.

Pump of the music, adds flair to the strut,
Arms adding style to the movement of foot.
A wiggle, a roll or a tilt of the head,
Tuning the movements which smoothly are led.

Varied our dance nights, and rarely just one,
Weeknights a-plenty, just can’t be outdone.
Where else can you enjoy a school-night out, such fun,
For less than the cost of a burger and bun?

Shaking our booty or dancing in hold,
Mentally keeping us from e’er growing old.
Strengthen the core, posture long through the spine,
Fitness over fifty will surely be mine.

Dreadful, we feel, if a week we must miss,
For dancing promotes such a feeling of bliss.
Wouldnt be without it, life no longer would rock,
Such a huge family, our friends from Ceroc!


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