Our new granddaughter, Harper




Harper  Ann  Goodswen

September the 5th, the year 2018,

A more tiring day, Katie never had seen,

Coupled with Kurt through long hours they waited,

To meet their new baby, a life they created.


At last, she arrived, with the help of a team,

Of doctors and midwives, a long endless stream.

Their small, helpless baby girl entered this world,

Leaving the snug place in which she’d been curled.


Dad had a cuddle while Katie was mended,

Relief flooding through them, the worry had ended,

A beautiful daughter for them to adore

In just this short time, they couldn’t love her more.


With her sweet button nose, and adorable pout

Hands, oh so tiny, when they start reaching out.

Feet soft, and smooth, like the rest of her skin

Face softly rounded, and cute double chin.


Contented full tummy, her eyes tightly close

When opened so lovely and then into a doze.

Dolphin-like noises emit from her lips

Feet drawn up tightly, so close to her hips.


Downy soft hair above the smallest of ears

Hearing the croons, so content with no fears.

Peaceful, serene and so drowsy and calm,

Drifts back to slumber land, clearly no qualm.


It’s hard to describe, now, the love that we feel

Seeing our granddaughter, it doesn’t seem real.

In our arms she fits perfectly, snug like a glove.

Such beauty, such wonder, so deep is our love.


by Julie Goodswen (aka Nanny, aka Glamnan)

September 2018


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