It’s that time of year again…AARGH!

They get me every year!

With legs short and black or with legs long and thin,
However I try, they will always sneak in,
To invade my life, to hide in a dark place,
Then creep out just to see that shocked look on my face.

Arched and so hairy, those legs slowly crawl,
Across the ceiling and then down the wall,
Until just in vision, in the corner of my eye,
Unnoticed at first, then they move, and I cry!

I’m certain they wait ‘til I’m not fully clothed,
No socks or shoes so I feel more exposed,
The thought of those creatures getting near to my skin,
Sends shivers down my spine, I quake from within.

How people can touch them is beyond my belief,
To see them destroyed brings me heartfelt relief,
To think they’ll no longer return to my room,
But each one has a partner, each bride has a groom

Kill one, be prepared for the family’s revenge
Like us, do they mourn, and wait to avenge?
Prey on us, over us, while in our beds,
While innocently sleeping, sweet dreams fill our heads.

Yet maybe one day with my fear overcome,
I’ll welcome those eight legs, I will not go numb,
At the thought of my flesh being crawled over by,
Some sweet little spider…No, I would rather die!






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