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School Mornings

Our teeth have been scrubbed, our hair is brushed,

We are almost ready but mum feels rushed,

We all washed our faces, bags are ready,

Eaten breakfast, slow and steady.


On with our uniforms, we look so smart,

Cleaning our shoes is a work of art,

Straighten our collars, we all look quite neat,

From freshly brushed hair to the socks on our feet.


With bags on our shoulders, coats on our backs,

Our lunches are ready, which Mum always packs,

Mum locks the door and we are all on our way,

We wonder aloud what we will learn today.


Will it be Numeracy, Literacy or games?

Or will we be learning to write our own names?

We already know how to do many of those things,

Mum taught us at home, to help spread our wings.


Each step brings us nearer to where we are head,

We all love our schooldays, want nothing instead,

As we round the corner, our friends we all meet,

We love to be here, this school is so neat!


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