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So Lonely

The air which surrounds me feels heavy and dreary 

I’ve sat here for hours, I’m feeling so weary 

The children have long been tucked up in their beds 

The silence, so deafening, engulfing my head 

 images (1).jpg

With nowhere to turn, no-one whom to speak 

A fear overwhelms me, I may become weak 

I promise myself that I will remain strong 

This loneliness will pass, it will not last long 

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A tear slowly travels from eyelash to nose 

I brush it away but its followed by those 

Tears which flow freely for no reason they fall 

I hate myself thinking these dark thoughts at all 

 images (1).jpg

But when I’m alone, my logic mind flops 

I hear my heart pounding and will it to stop 

I couldn’t care less about things good and cheerful 

I share with my family and friends, just feel tearful 

 images (1).jpg

The clock on the shelf ticks so loudly and steady 

Time’s moving along, I must soon get ready 

My bed, cold and lonely, is waiting for me 

To come, rest my head, and dream sleepily 

 images (1).jpg

But sleep will not happen, I’ll toss and I’ll turn 

My sadness will deepen, my mind will not learn 

That by feeling this way, I’ll do me no favours 

If I made more effort, more enjoyment I’d savour 



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