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When work takes over.

I wonder why I bother
I wonder why so hard I try
I wonder would they miss me
Would many a day go by?

Before they came to find me
When jobs weren’t being done
If tasks were often much ignored
Would they realise the missing one?

Would they know the tasks they’ve given
Might be too much, if just for me
And do they know how hard they’ve driven
My last, the upbeat part of me?

Most days when work is over
My energies are all but gone
My head, a migraine, yes another!
With the stress I can be put upon.

Not often I’m complaining
My job’s my pride, you see
But expectation’s vastly rising
There can be only one of me.

I fail to sleep the nighttime hours
Needed to make me whole
My mind a turmoil, in the smallest hours
I can’t switch off, my leading role.

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2 thoughts on “When work takes over.”

  1. Love your work poem! So incredibly relatable and beautifully written! Cant wait to read more – such a gift you have. ♡

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