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Birth – from the inside!

She just can’t be serious, it feels like she’s dancing,

Is it my well-being she thinks she’s enhancing?

Doesn’t she know she should be taking it easy?

It’s the nesting instinct and she’s making me queasy!


The walls of my sleeping bag beginning to stir,

Am I imagining, my mind is a blur?

A cry from the outside, it keeps me awake,

It’s all caving in, please stop, heaven’s sake!


All of a sudden, the silence it scares me,

Then in a few moments, the ride becomes hairy,

My snug little water bed is minus the water,

Where do I go now, don’t know if I oughta!


Her body encourages me, ‘Go on your way,

Follow the path we’ve created today’,

She’s screaming, I want to, but just don’t know how,

I’m trapped in a tunnel, where do I go now?


I want to turn back, to my snug little cave,

But my body, her body, tell me to behave,

Decision’s made for me, I’m surging along,

There’s a light at the end of this nightmare so strong!


It’s blinding, perhaps, I’ll turn back anyway,

Oh no! Someone help me, I beg and I pray,

Someone on the outside calls ‘PUSH!’ and I hear,

That deep voice again, ‘Try harder, my dear!’


I’m thrust to the light that’s so scary. it gleams!

‘The head’s there!’ they call out. Are they speaking of me?

I don’t want to go out there, for them all to see.


Don’t they know I was happy to remain there, inside?

Protected by someone, along for the ride?

One more crush of the walls which me do surround,

I shoot out in a slither, could have fallen to the ground!


But a strange being catches me, taps my bare bum,

It that’s how they play here, I’ll cry for my mum!

‘There, there, now, that’s better. Hello little boy’

She could have done that first, I’m not just a toy!


Their faces surround me but I feel so alone,

If I close my eyes tight shut, p’raps they’ll send me back home.



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