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My story in print!

Having already had a few short stories, poems and letters printed in magazines and monthly publications, it was a joy to receive notification of my inclusion in an anthology of fantasy tales.

I had submitted the story as one of my coursework modules where I had been advised to write something completely different and out of my usual comfort zone style. I opted to write a story about aliens. Having watched many science fiction films and being a recently-converted Doctor Who fan, how difficult could it be?

I struggled to think of ideas, even though with an alien story you are given free reign to use as much imagination as necessary. After all, unless we are really honored, nobody is going to be able to prove otherwise.

My tutor was pleased with the story, a 4000-word tale about other-worldly beings, and suggested I submit it for publication. As always, with coursework, I duly submitted the story and moved onto the next module.

A few weeks passed, and I received an email to let me know the publisher planned to include my piece in their next anthology. Payment details were exchanged and a few short weeks later, my copy of the publication was sent to me.

The book is a small anthology and not too costly, but I am pleased with it as a first actual book inclusion. I am not belittling my magazine and online successes but this was the next small step for me. Maybe it would be a good stocking filler with Christmas around the corner.

If you want to purchase a copy the details are below. I do not know the other contributors personally but the stories are all entertaining and diverse enough to hold the attention.

If you are not able, or do not wish to purchase the book, but are able to share my post on social media platforms, I would be equally grateful for the help. Thank you for reading my post and if you are able to share or buy the book then I thank you for that too. Every little bit of support is so very much appreciated.

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25 thoughts on “My story in print!”

  1. First of all, I would like to congratulate you are such a very talented person and I am sure that your writing has a great story that is why the publisher choose it to be published. Hard work pays off, job well done!


  2. First of all, I would like to congratulate for that great achievement and it means that you really made a great job. Keep it up!


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