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Winter Wonderland, day one

Of the quick Tesco breakfast, we were really not keen,

The trays full of eggs on the counter, we’d seen,

You cant have them scrambled and Benedict, no,

There is no salmon either, the choices were low.


Spirits still soaring, to the road we all made,

The convoy of three, we were not dismayed,

At the Parc entrance, we are greeted with snow,

Adorning the trees and the sign down below.


Parked up and ready, we grab our swim bags,

Head for the Center, our speed did not lag,

We’ve all been before, so we know all the drills,

So we head for the Starbucks, for hydration refills.


Building our energy, of work we’re relieved,

Make for the Plaza, racquets to retrieve,

An hour filled with badminton, we just did not stop,

Expending our energy, day one from the top.


Bump into colleagues and people we know,

Gives us a chance to stop, go say hello,

Time up, more hydration then head for the pool,

This place like a sauna, we need to get cool,


Swim, seems like hours, is really quite fun,

We shattered but this week only just begun,

The rapids and slides, a source of our squeals,

Racing each other, keep close to their heels.


Head to our lodge to unpack and have food,

Have planned for a barbie, we are all in the mood,

Bagged are the bedrooms, our gear is unpacked,

The barbecue started, the coals they are stacked.


Chilled and exhausted, we plan for a stroll,

Head for the bar, and some cheeky alcohol,

Everyone’s tired we are done in by nine,

Head back for a sauna, its time to unwind.


Day one almost over, we’ve all had a blast,

Do it again tomorrow, this fun it will last,

Archery for the boys, ladies spa morning ahead,

But for now, no more energy, we are going to bed!




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