Daily Life, Norfolk Beach, Writer's Blog

Autumn Beach Day

Brake lights are frowning, fierce brows lie ahead,
Hoping the green light dares not change to red,
Birds taunt our dilemma, with freedom of wing,
Their flight is our envy, delay is our thing.
Crawl slowly past houses, this holiday morn,
Those who sleep late meeting not break of dawn,
Fields of young corn whisper, mockingly so,
Leaves rustle their solitude, we pass by – so slow.
Yawns of indifference break through the tension,
Eyes avoiding each other, annoyance unmentioned.
Silently yearn, wish we’d stayed warm in bed,
Tempered vibes palpable, pounding of head.
Ominous clouds threaten even less joy,
Incite inward screaming, no smile can destroy,
What lies ahead more than a dull, gloomy day,
Please pass by quickly, my mind can but pray.
The beach, still no brighter, cold seeps unseen places,
Companions arrive, the same gloom on their faces,
The journey, so tiresome, at least now has ended,
Our spirits, now together, our anger is mended.
Trolleys now loaded with kit and kaboodle,
We’ll hide ‘neath the shelter, but not to canoodle!
Our journey, not wasted, our men take their stance,
Of their kites we are voyeurs of much merry dance.
Much laughter and chatter, and wrongs to put right,
Hidden from cold winds, the men just in sight,
Sun’s rays, their appearance a welcome array,
A far better end than the start of our day.


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