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A Family Christmas

I turn to the sound of jingling bells,
Source, yet unknown, becomes near,
Eyes are alight with a million stars,
Abundantly draping, as every year.

Carols sung tunelessly, children are wrapped,
Snug from the chill ice and snow,
Vendors push wares, oft unwanted, stuffed bags,
Why do we fall for their patter? Don’t know.

Food hall is crowded, the cupboards to fill,
Snack foods and treats, endless meals,
Displayed festive boxes, the towers are high,
So much we’ll consume in short days, seems unreal.

Gift-wrap, a service to ease us of hours,
Spent on the floor by the fire,
Rather mulled wine, with feet up snug and warm,
Spend it with loved ones, there’s a tree to admire!

Gone are our days filling stockings, small hours,
Waiting for children to sleep,
Feasting on mince pies and carrots, hearth treats,
Leave only crumbs, with a secret to keep.

The seasonal magic we can only feel,
When loved ones are gathered close by,
Laughter and gaiety, food, drink and fun,
Changing roles over, as years pass us by.

No longer the hostess, much food to prepare,
Pans filled with food for the day,
Children are grown, now, with homes of their own,
We’re the guests this year, in their homes we’ll stay.

The years pass, same seasons are spent, many ways,
Loved ones, some lost and some new,
Days filled with family and friends, near and far,
The message is clear, merry Christmas, to you.


3 thoughts on “A Family Christmas”

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