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Mind The Gap!

Over the years I had grown to hate my front teeth which sported a finger-width gap.

They hadn’t really bothered me until I was at High School when I suffered verbal bullying from the son of one of the maths teachers. That is all ancient history and I am a firm believer in karma so we won’t dwell on the past.


In recent months, I was lucky enough to find a dentist who cared enough about my smile to help. The first stage of my treatment was to remove some extremely damaged teeth, baby teeth which had not been pushed out by formative adult teeth which grew across and into my gums, permanently damaging the roots of the front teeth. After this treatment, carried out at the local hospital, which left me swollen, sore and unable to eat I was fitted with a temporary denture with a slight closure of the gap. The gap could not be closed fully as one of my front teeth was undamaged and, therefore, could not be removed.


I had to wait a few months for my mouth to settle after the surgery and the swelling to subside completely.

The temporary denture closed the gap by quite a substantial amount and I have been smiling more widely in the recent past than I had done for years.


Recently, I have attended a few strategically arranged appointments to measure, create and fit new teeth and was lucky enough to find my dentist and his technician had found a way to completely rid me of the gap, or diastema to use the correct term.

Next week I will, if all goes to plan, be smiling widely and sharing gap-free photos with pride.

I cannot thank Jason Stokes of Cathedral Street Dental Practice in Norwich for his attention to detail, caring manner and explanations along the way. I would highly recommend his practice.






3 thoughts on “Mind The Gap!”

  1. Hello JULIE, WHAT a wonderful smile with the temporary, finding a dentist that you trust is one thing and a good one is almost a miracle. Well the magic you found at last. I am shocked we haven’t connected before as I am closer than I knew and share many a virtual friend. Well I follow now so you will pop up in my reader and I look forward to seeing your smile.


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