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Changing Reading and Writing Habits

One thing is certain when I look back at my Kindle reading habits from the past few months, I definitely don’t have a go-to genre. As a writer, you would think I would have at least a good reason for choosing a book but every one I choose depends upon my mood in the moment.


I do read book reviews from fellow bloggers and sometimes I am swayed enough to buy following a particularly good one but I am quite fickle in my choices. I will choose a book because it has an interesting cover – often the cover doesn’t  truly reflect the content and then another day I will read the blurb or (hold the front page) go looking for a particular genre.

I am currently swaying between haunted and ghostly tales or Dystopian fiction. I am a bigger fan of fiction than non-fiction on the whole so that is the loosest genre I subscribe to.

I have just downloaded three more ghost stories but I am currently writing a ghost story of my own so I can be forgiven for calling it research. However, as I was searching a couple of thrillers, my previous favourite genre, caught my eye so they are now on my list. I love to have a list of books to read. In years gone by it would be a pile of unread, ‘real’ books and I do still have a small pile of three or four books beside my bed. I just find using my Kindle is so much more convenient.


I also subscribe to an app which I have installed on my Kindle, called Readly which gives me and four other family members (or four additional devices if I wanted to be selfish) full access to thousands of magazines. So I carry thousands of magazines and plenty of books with me at all times. That’s the thing with a Kindle, the multitude of reading material in one place. On the downside, you can never replicate the feel and smell of a real book or replace the pleasure of turning the pages.


One thing’s for certain, while trying to keep up to date with my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages and reading so many books, I am neglecting my own writing time. I need to sort out a timetable to fit it all in. Oh, and then there is the matter of a full time job which takes up a lot of my time!

One day, instead of pushing my published and unpublished short stories and poetry, I hope you will find me advertising the publication of my first novel. Watch this space, but not too closely for now or you will have a long wait!



3 thoughts on “Changing Reading and Writing Habits”

  1. Trying to find time to balance everything in life (work, writing, social obligations) is hard for me as well! I am a heavy user of planners and scheduling in things that are my priorities to make sure I set aside time for them.


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