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Spring Is Never Far Away

Soon is the time for the layers to shed,

Warmer will be, now, the days up ahead,

No longer we’ll hide beneath jumpers and jeans,

Disguising pounds piled on, by usual means.


Sweets treats and puddings, to keep cold at bay,

Need to be shelved, there’s a price we’ll now pay,

Bikini-body-ready – I think I am not,

More than a few pounds, its rather a lot!


Time to shed layers of dry, deadened skin,

To try to look beautiful, not just from within,

Will take us much work, it won’t be overnight,

Want summer’s glow with our skin shining bright.


Plucking and shaving, the treatment quite cruel,

Its going to be worth it, you know now the rules,

Don’t let it go while us Winter’s upon,

Always to soon when Spring’s sun is switched on.


Next year will be different, won’t over-indulge,

Give in to cravings, succumb to the bulge,

Trimming and scrubbing, there won’t be a pause,

None of us look good as a jolly Santa Claus!



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