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Time to Party!

Invitations aplenty, so many received,

Especially at Christmas, we should be relieved,

Time for the parties, and hours spent with friends,

Smile upon smile, the fun never ends.


But for some of us home-birds, we’d really prefer,

The warmth of our home, under blankets of fur,

Sat by the fire with hot chocolate in hands,

With only each other, don’t need other plans.


Eating and drinking, and copiously so,

Fighting the kiss, as we pass mistletoe,

Its really an effort to pull us away,

From our warm, cozy home to the murky and gray.


Its all overrated, we’re pushed to the fore,

With expected compliance we head for the door,

Sparkling with tinsel adorning our form,

Rehearsing the cliches they’ll hope we’ll perform.


Declined invitations, upon us are frowned,

Unwillingly honest if we stand our ground,

Tired, no, exhausted, we’ll join in their games,

Know any other way will just blacken our names.





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