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Beginner’s Pain for Hopeful Gain

It really isn’t working, it’s just not looking good,

I’m trying so much harder than I ever thought I would,

My heart rate pounding faster, with every single step,

Not seeing much improvement, despite my heavy prep.


The heavy pound of footfall, trying as a might,

To keep the pace a going, to fight my merry fight,

So very much I’m trying, I just can’t shift this lard,

I aim for better day by day, but believe me, it’s so hard!


I started very slowly, just like the books all said,

Building up my speed by day, before I go to bed,

One step, two steps, one step more, I try to catch my breath,

Enjoyment’s what they promised me, this fate is worse than death!


I started off just walking, the pace kept slow and steady,

I know that running’s not my thing, I really am not ready,

But as I head for fifty years, fitness I must regain,

And as the adage told by all, there’s no gain without pain.


I’m not so keen on going out, alone when darkness falls,

And winter is upon us so my cozy lounge and sofa calls.

With muscle tone a failing, my body slowing down,

I need to work this frame so hard, my sorrows I must drown.


I headed for the World Wide Web, an offer so to find,

And waiting for me patiently, a price which blew my mind,

Pre-Christmas sale, whatever next? Discounts of more than half,

I couldn’t pass this deal up, now it’s time to work on thigh and calf!


Purchase made, my mind made up, my lifestyle I must change,

But having bought a treadmill, my lounge I must now rearrange,

My living area is so small, there’s barely room for guests,

Having now made up my mind, organisation skills I now must test.


The issues came when first unpacked, the bolts and screws and poles,

Mind-blown, hubby’s help on hand to work out what went in which holes.

Gadget was assembled, it took up lots of space,

I had to use it now, I mused, I will increase my pace.


So here I am so battle-sore, my feet are feeling worn,

But strangely so much better now, I feel far less forlorn,

Endorphins are a-pumping, I’m feeling so upbeat,

I need to pass positive vibes, right down my legs and to my feet.


Already feeling blisters, and have not run that far,

I know the reading tells me that, displayed on the front bar.

However, I am sweating now, drops run down my cheeks,

I cannot see through, sweat-filled eyes, I just can’t bear to peek.


It’s only been ten minutes, I’m sure I can do more,

I fear my body, when I stop, will crumble to the floor,

I think it’s been enough for this, my first time on the belt,

My legs tomorrow will give way, the ache it will be felt.


However, I will not give in, not now I’ve spent my money,

I’ll entertain the family, they’ll find it rather funny,

I know they’re all behind me, don’t want an unfit mum,

Need me to be running around, don’t want to see me glum.


Commitment to my need to learn to run, now I can walk,

Is top of my agenda, of hard work I must never balk,

Will work hard through the winter months, stamina building strong,

In springtime, I’ll be running, on the road to the sound of sweet birdsong.










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