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Seasons Greetings

To all my followers, thank you for following my new blog during the latter part of 2018. I have been sporadic in posting and my goal for 2019 is to create regular posts on certain days of the week to keep it interesting. More to follow on that. Wishing you all a healthy and Happy Christmas and a fun-packed, successful 2019.

As I write this, I am assuming life will take over and I will be neglecting my blog completely over Christmas but who knows? After a glass or two of prosecco and a few mince pies I may find my creative juices flowing more freely and I might be more entertaining than usual so let’s call this a ‘just in case’ post.



Remember, my friends, you’re all perfect,

Maybe not in every way,

We can’t all aspire to be ‘Poppins’,

We all improve more, day by day.


Christmas, a time now to party,

Or relax, if that’s more of your thing,

Eat, drink and be merry, they tell us,

But not all of us, happiness brings.


Some may be sad, lost or lonely,

Some may be suffering need,

Spare, then, a thought for those others,

Those who don’t outwardly plead.


For many, who suffer in silence,

A visit, a chat or a call,

Is all that’s required, keep stresses at bay,

Just one gesture, be it small.


So spare, now, a thought for the lonely,

Remember, one day, could be you

Lost and with sadness, nobody to see,

Just wishing the day to be through.


I hope with my heart, you’re not lonely,

The season surrounds you with laughter,

You’re filled with much joy and elation,

And are blessed with much love ever after.











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