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My five-year-old Nephew, Ethan

Ethan is a five year old,
A boy of fun and glee
Who loves a dinosaur, a car,
But most of all loves his pc.

Now an X-box addict,
Upon which he plays games,
It keeps him busy many hours,
Fighting characters I can’t name.

He loves to have a little fun,
With Clive, when we drop by,
He giggles uncontrollably,
Such a happy little guy!

He sometimes doesn’t want to go,
To school, resisting hard,
But at the end of every day,
He has a good grade card.

A clever fellow, is this lad,
He’s bright, we all can see,
His writing it is oh so neat,
Ethan, a superstar he will be.

Or maybe superhero is,
The term he will embrace,
Which one he’ll be we just won’t know,
They’re growing at such pace.

Maybe he’ll be Laptop-Man,
And save the day from virus,
Or maybe he’ll be Paper-Boy,
And save us with papyrus!

Whatever crime he chooses,
To battle with all his might,
One thing is surely certain,
He won’t go down without a fight!

He’s really a great nephew,
Surrounded by his sisters,
It’s great to see him more and more,
Ethan, our little mister!



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