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Learning to talk

I think I can talk
I’m getting close now,
I’m trying so hard,
I almost know how.

I copy my mum,
Her voice goes up and down,
The faces I pull,
I look like a cute clown.

I’m trying to tell you,
You’re the best Mum and Dad,
You protecting my health,
So please don’t feel bad…

Injections don’t hurt me,
They just make me cry,
They all try to distract me,
Then shock, why oh why?

I love that you’ve let me,
Try eating some fruit,
So tasty, my tongue is,
Having such a hoot.

One day soon I will shock you,
Your mouth will hang wide,
I’ll say MaMa or DaDa,
I just can’t decide.

Which one to say first,
‘Cos your both number one,
But whichever I say,
You know you’ve both won.

The goo-goos and gaa-gaas,
Will follow when I try it,
You’ll long for the days,
When I sat there, so quiet.


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