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Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life


When life throws us a curve-ball, you’re always right there,

Push it away, keeping my heart filled with cheer,

Finding the pluses, keeping my chin raised,

Never downtrodden, of nothing, you’re fazed.



At the end of the day, always meet me with smiles,

Despite life dealing its tribulations and trials,

Nothing ever too much that we can’t overcome,

My life would be nothing without you as my chum.


If two could be one, then of us it is true,

You’re lost without me, and I’m lost without you,

I need more than words to express how I feel,

One thing is for certain, this feeling’s so real.


When life’s ups and downs come careering our way,

Simply face them head on, there’s no time like today,

The testing of time, we are sure to withstand,

Whenever you’re near me, my hand in your hand.


You make me feel special, with kindness of heart,

If times become stormy, we are soon to restart,

You always ensure I am first on your list,

With your sweet reassurances, tell me I am missed.


For seven years and thirty, I waited it’s true,

Unknown such contentment, I could feel with you,

So today, my darling husband, is your special day,

I hope it brings happiness, in our own special way.


1 thought on “Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life”

  1. The story of lover and lover Part

    The story of the lover and the lover I know the happy King that he was in the city after the mountains of Asbahan called the Green City and there was a king called King Solomon and was the owner of goodness and charity and justice and safety and gratitude and gratitude went to him Rkban from everywhere and popular in all countries and countries and lived in the Kingdom For a long period of time, he was in a deep and safe place, but he was free of children and wives. He had a minister who approached him in the qualities of good and gifts. He agreed that he was sent to his minister one day and brought him in his hands and said to him, “Minister, it is hard for me. He is not born, and this is the way of kings Rulers on every prince and your grandfather, they rejoice in the children’s success and multiply them with the number and numbers. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: I bless you with the nations on the Day of Resurrection.

    When the minister heard that speech tears ran out of his eyes in harmony and said Hey, King of Time, to speak about the characteristics of the Rahman, you want to enter fire with the wrath of the mighty king? And the king said to him, “Know, minister, that the king, if he buys a maid who does not know its size and does not know its proportions, does not know the originality of its origin, so that he can avoid it. And he does not do what he has commanded him, and he does not avoid what he has to do with it. I do not cause this by buying a slave girl, but rather by asking me to marry a girl of the kings’ daughters, whose ratios are known and her beauty is prescribed. And the religion of the daughters of the kings of Muslims, I make them and Izzo C on the heads of the certificate to get me so satisfaction of the Lord of slaves, the minister said to him: God has spent your need and reached your wish, he said to him: How this? And he said to him, “Know, O King, that I have learned that the king Zahar Shah, the owner of the white land, has an ingenious daughter in the beauty that can not be described as gossip, and there is no resemblance to it at this time because it is very perfect. And if the murderer takes the heart and looks at it as the poet said:

    Haifa is ashamed of the branch of Alban rose did not touch the sun or moon

    As if her body saw and has been mixed by the mole, but its gap is drier

    The cod from Hor al-Jinan has a beautiful face and in its mouth is a flower

    And how many of her dead Matt Kid of CMD and in the way of her fear and danger

    If you live, it is what you will remember or die without

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    After he went, King Sulaiman Shah became aware of the fire. He was busy at night and day, and the minister walked by night and day to cover the city and the city he was heading to. And then he went quickly to that city and when he presented it, he agreed that the king Zahir Shah was sitting in some parks in front of the door of the city and he saw it inside and knew it was strange and ordered to bring it in his hands. When the messenger came and told him to come, The green land and the mountains of Isfahan and Farah The king of Zahar Shah welcomed the Prophet and took him and went to his palace and said: Where did the minister leave? He ordered his brother to take most of his qualities, his hijab, his deputies, and his countrymen, and to bring them out to meet him in honor of King Sulaiman Shah because his rule is valid in the land. This was not the order of King Zahir Shah, but what was the matter of the minister, he settled in place to half the night and then left to go to the city when the morning came and the sun shone on the rug and the butcher did not feel but the Minister of the King Zahir Shah and his heads and his state and the characteristics of his kingdom came upon him and met And he entered the palace of the king and entered his hands


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