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A Painless Ever After (;)

Viewing my body from a distant world,

The life all but ebbed, all that is fluid, gone,

A path I vowed never to walk again,

Abandoned, alone, my mind was changed.


No more a heart beat, hopelessness reigning,

Gone is the heartbreak, enveloped in sadness,

Black hole enticing, its mystery draws me near,

Agonising, aimless, my tears no longer flow.


Outcast by society, cut off from the world,

Loneliness my friend, my faithful ally,

Silent cries unheard, unheeded pleas,

Darkness, eternal rest or damnation.


Calling my name, to white light, desperation,

Grasp at my hand, my mind to awaken,

Blackened souls retreat, forcefully gone,

Unconditional pain, your eyes disbelieving.










2 thoughts on “A Painless Ever After (;)”

  1. Someone destroying its depression
    is a beautiful thing indeed,
    healing its scars, stooping the bleed
    and gaining hope against damnation.
    It’s like the hero will thrive
    against all of its tribulation.

    I know you can win too,
    and maybe it’s hard to believe
    depression can be very sneaky
    when it tries to deceive
    but all the words of encouragement,
    of true and compassion over here,
    become the asses under your sleeve.

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