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Should be Sleeping

I wonder why I’m here, awake,

It’s two thirty in the morning,

I’ll be tired for sure, when daybreak comes,

Certain I will be yawning.


My head is fillled with many things,

My mind a whirl of thoughts,

Drowning in a pool of many fears,

Now’s the time for my head to sort.


Sleep will not come, I toss and turn,

Until my husband stirs,

We make a drink, open our phones,

And chat until sleep reoccurs.


He scrolls through kites, accessories,

(They would send me to sleep),

I write some rhyming verse and then,

Write down fears my head wants to keep.


With mum so ill, my son astray,

My darkest fears seem real,

There’s nothing much for me to do,

Some things won’t change, I cannot heal.


Time passes by, it’s oh so slow,

My fears won’t leave, won’t go away,

The simple act of writing down,

Frees me from them ’til break of day.


Sleep beckons now, the light will fade,

Wakefulness turns into sleep,

A few short hours will pass me by,

The dreams aside, the day will sweep.




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