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The Time is not Right

We’ve fought for years, but silently,

Accusations they have flown,

To and fro relentlessly,

But it’s still not time to let you go.


My hackles up, the anger flows,

You’ve often made me mad,

But in the end, you’ve always been,

The best, along with dear old Dad.


You’ve not been well for many years,

The illness, it’s quite rare,

Taking you to its lowest depths,

Sometimes it seems you’re barely there.


You’ve fought this hard, and still today,

Your strength has been quite stoic,

You sometimes need to gripe and moan,

In my eyes you have been quite heroic.


The cough has been relentless, yet

The worst was still to come,

Your lungs are shot to pieces now,

This would have ended more than some.


The days drag by, you dread to wake,

Each morning brings such fear,

Will this be the worst one yet,

Each day, each week, each month and year?


The interventions came and went,

With drugs and surgeries,

The vicious circle damaging,

Your poorly veins and arteries.


The risks are high, this latest try,

But try, we must continue,

For if we stop, it takes it course,

The time’s not right, you’re feeling blue.


It can’t go on, we’re all aware,

Chances, they now are few,

We won’t give up, we still have hope,

We’re far from ready to be losing you.


So, soldier on, please let them do,

Whatever they think is best,

Let’s face the risks, be strong and bold,

More time with you, we will be blessed.




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