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Hospital Birthday

Clatter of mugs as the trolley comes by,

Coffee or tea as you open your eyes,

Buzzers and bleeps sound, as help is much sought,

Breakfast is served and drugs and pills brought.


Head to the bathroom to freshen your face,

No matter who’s first, it isn’t a race,

Just one small task, leaves your energy sapped,

Your lungs, badly damaged, in your body are trapped.


Back on your bed, as you rest for a while,

Catching your breath, with a taste left so vile,

Coughing so hard, your head feels it will split,

Not knowing how much longer you can deal with it.


Drugs they are trying to help relieve you,

To slow down this nightmare that you’re living through,

Surgery offered, they’ll try one more time,

At least they’re still trying, this mountain you’ll climb.


So, this special day that you’re now going through,

Discomfort and fear may leave you feeling blue,

When gifts, cards and balloons are bedecking your bed,

All that remains, all that needs so be said…


Is that this place is wrong, its not where you should be,

No way to celebrate your longevity,

But with loved ones who drop in to visit with you,

To wish, in a strange way, Happy Birthday To You



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