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Mother’s Day 💜💜💜

Carnations were your favourite, but any flower would do,

When celebrations came around, I’d always buy a bunch for you.

They made you smile, the perfect gift, they brightened up your day,

This year, I don’t know what I’ll do, now that you’ve gone away.


Last year I bought you roses; I bought carnations too,

When Mother’s Day, it came around, your birthday closely followed too.

You’d gone before they wilted, you left them in full bloom,

And because of COVID lockdowns, we never saw them in your room.


This year I feel so saddened, as March has stumbled in,

The month which holds mixed blessings for us all, as Heaven took you in.

I’m trying not to focus, on the vast and gaping hole,

The one left when you passed away, a chunk of my heart you surely stole.


Your birthday it will soon be here, and soon it’s Mother’s Day,

Upon this sadness you would frown, ‘it’s wasteful’ you would surely say.

I’ll buy some flowers, red and white, and keep them just for me,

Each time I gaze upon them I will know that in my heart you’ll be.


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