Flying and making – Kites

When I am not working my day job, dancing with Ceroc, writing short stories and poems or finishing off assignments for my Creative Writing course I can often be found with my husband, on the beach or a suitably tree-free field while he flies one of his many kites.

My husband, Clive, has so many kites that I would struggle to name them all. Some of them he has had for years, some he has bought recently and some he has made himself. This is not a lone hobby as he and his brother, Nigel, have been making and flying kites for years.

How to make a Drum-Box Kite

Years ago, they flew with a team of four as The Sky Divers. Hours were spent practicing their kite-flying which was synchronised to music with intricate routines and, to this day, I cannot see how they managed to keep the lines from fully tangling. It really is a sight to see and, even now, kite festivals around the country, in fact around the world, still entertain with synchronised team flying.


Recently, my sister-in-law, Wendy and I have become ‘kite widows’ once again as the two brothers have rediscovered a love for kite flying, which never truly went away. I use the term ‘kite widow’ loosely because it’s a good time for us to get together and chat and enjoy the scenery while the boys have a fly.

If Clive decides he wants a fly and the weather is good, I sometimes go along with him, set up a chair or blanket and use the time to write stories or poems.

I plan to learn more about his collection of kites and share the details, as time goes by, on this page.

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