Writing – Stories and Poems

Just for fun I am sharing some of my short stories and poems here for your amusement, which I don’t plan to have published elsewhere.

Short stories from 500 to 5000 words

Our Bench By The Sea – runner up in Stevie Turner’s ‘Share your Short Story’ competition February 2019


Running for Change


Affairs of the Heart

A Matter of Vanity

Extremely short stories – from 100 to 500 words

Murder on the Dance Floor

Expectation Nil

Disappearing room

Double Life


Painless Ever After

Heartbreak for a lost soul

Goodbye to 2018

The Man in Red

Learning to Run

Spring is Never Far Away

Time to Party!

A Family Christmas – changing roles



School Mornings

So Lonely

Summer Mornings

My Last Day

Traffic Jam

When work takes over

Weekends and Fresh Air

Dear Former Self (letters to the younger me)

Leaving your ex-husband!

Letter to my late father

Letter to my gap-toothed teenage self