Writing – Short Stories

A unique gift:

If you would like me to write a personalised story for you or a loved one – any subject, you provide the names, please visit my contact page or head over to my eBay page here.

Up to 2000 words – electronic (email copies) £3.50 
Up to 2000 words – A4 paper copies – £4.50
2001 to 5000 words – electronic copies (email copies) £5.00 
2001 to 5000 words – A4 paper copies  £6.50
Other formats upon request, please message me.

Just for fun I will share my own short stories here for your amusement, which I don’t plan to have published elsewhere.

Extremely short stories – fewer than 101 words

Murder on the Dance Floor

Expectation Nil


Slightly longer short stories – fewer than 150 words

Disappearing room


Slightly longer short stories – fewer than 500 words

Double Life


Short stories of around 1000 words

Affairs of the Heart


Slightly longer short stories – around 1500 words


Our Bench by the Sea


Slightly longer (but still short) stories – around 4000 words

A Matter of Vanity