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Dancing! On a school night?

Must leave on time, not let work us delay,
Quick shower, fresh clothes, then we’ll be on our way.
Maybe make time for some crackers with cheese,
Rush from the door, grabbing dance shoes and keys.

Some journeys are long, destinations quite far,
After a work day, we’ll just rest in the car.
Take time for ourselves, watch our energies soar,
For when we hear music, we’re straight to the floor.

Pulsing and rhythmic, we cannot resist,
Friends we see each week, and some we have missed.
Blood, now is pumping, to learn we are ready,
Beginners and newbies, some can feel unsteady.

Class, normal format, a welcome routine,
Rows of new faces, to learn they are keen.
Moves broken down into steps, made so easy,
Danced to the rhythm of tunes, not so cheesy.

Pump of the music, adds flair to the strut,
Arms adding style to the movement of foot.
A wiggle, a roll or a tilt of the head,
Tuning the movements which smoothly are led.

Varied our dance nights, and rarely just one,
Weeknights a-plenty, just can’t be outdone.
Where else can you enjoy a school-night out, such fun,
For less than the cost of a burger and bun?

Shaking our booty or dancing in hold,
Mentally keeping us from e’er growing old.
Strengthen the core, posture long through the spine,
Fitness over fifty will surely be mine.

Dreadful, we feel, if a week we must miss,
For dancing promotes such a feeling of bliss.
Wouldnt be without it, life no longer would rock,
Such a huge family, our friends from Ceroc!

Ceroc, Dancing

Grease (the movie, not the icky stuff) themed freestyle in North Norfolk

Tonight was Ceroc Fusion’s themed freestyle, held at North Walsham Community Centre. May not sound overly glamorous at first glance, but read on.

As with many Ceroc freestyles there is often a theme, giving dancers the chance not only to meet with fellow dancers and have a great time, but to dress up according to the given theme. Dressing up is always optional but often over 50% of the attendees embrace it.

Me with hubby, Clive, in our Rydell High costumes!

Tonight, the theme was Grease, the movie. As you can see from the scattering of pictures in this article there were some fabulous costumes. More photos can be found on the Ceroc Fusion Facebook page.

Dancers were well fed with hotdogs, nachos and popcorn on offer, embracing the 50’s theme, throughout the evening as well as coffee and biscuits as is the norm at this venue, towards the end of the night,

Just some of the tasty (themed) treats on offer

Adorning the stage (as well as tonight’s fabulous DJ, Steve Fulcher) was a huge array of garage props from engine oil cans to car tyres and jacks, lending atmosphere to the room, also dressed with 50’s themed decorations. This was, by far, one of the best dressed Ceroc freestyles I have ever attended.

For one night only (or so I am led to believe) Steve C hosted a fun lesson to get everyone in the party mood. When I say  ‘one night only’ I am not alluding to the fun freestyle (there are more often than not fun lessons at a freestyle) but the actual lesson from Steve – a Grease-themed line dance. Those of you who know our dance teacher, Steve, well enough, will be aware he is not the biggest fan of line dancing in general so this was a huge step for him. We hope to see him grace the dance floor the next time the Ceroc official Nu Line tunes are played but this is unlikely, nigh on impossible. He gathered seven of us together to learn and help demonstrate the routine on stage. It was met with a great response with almost everybody joining in the fun and enjoying a half-hour giggle before returning to the matter at hand – more dancing.

Costumes ranged from Danny and Sandy in  various states of dress, male versions of Sandy and female Dannys to the numerous 50’s style prom style dresses and outfits. Teacher Steve delighted the class with his Dolly-Parton-esque costume just for the lesson, dressed as Sandy’s sister, Randy. Sandy apparently being unable to make a guest appearance. Dressed in tight black faux leather leggings, a red blouse secured with the customary fifties belt and a blonde ponytail wig, he sweated his way through the fun class, eager to return to his Danny costume. For photographic and video evidence of this, you will need to go to the Ceroc Fusion Facebook pages:



Steve F, tonight’s DJ, pulled out all the stops, ensuring that tunes in line with the theme were mixed in with just the right amount of up to date music keeping  the dance floor busy all night, right up until midnight when they were forced to stop.

Dancers, both young and old, were in great spirits throughout the evening and, as they left, appeared exhausted and sore of foot from having such a good time.

Too many fabulous costumes to mention individually.
Ceroc, Dancing

Trying out a different venue

I think it has been established now that we love our Ceroc lesson and freestyle nights. Anybody who isn’t aware of this probably hasn’t been following my blog. We had decided to mix things up a little this week and miss our usual Monday night class, instead opting to try out the Tuesday night venue in North Norfolk, namely North Walsham Community Centre.

We had ventured to this hall for a couple of freestyles previously but have never attended a class night there. Our plans to attend this one on a forecast cooler night in the middle of the heatwave backfired when Tuesday was as warm, if not warmer, than Monday night. The drive was a sticky and humid one (we must ensure we opt for a car with air conditioning included next time!) but the newly-opened Northern Distributor Road was useful, a trip along the A47 onto the NDR, straight to North Walsham, avoiding the inner city roads meant we arrived within forty minutes.

There was a change to the usual staff last night which, I hasten to add is not why we chose to go, as Tracey and Steve were having a well deserved break. Sharon greeted us, and all others, at the door, taking our money with the usual friendly, welcoming smile. Steve C, while teaching as he often does at this venue, was also DJ-ing with Steve F taking a break with Tracey.

As the dancers started to filter through the doors, already hot and fanning themselves to cool down, we were greeted with friendly smiles from those who know us already and questions about where we usually dance and whether we were just visiting, from those who we had never met. Everyone was very friendly, which we have come to expect at any of the Ceroc Fusion venues we attend.

Steve and Sharon chatted to us while the dancers arrived, Steve popping in and out of the hall to ensure his background tunes sounded alright, and Sharon, of course, greeting the new arrivals. At this stage it is worth noting that I was tense on the journey to North Walsham and even tenser when we arrived because, even after ten years, I get extremely nervous when visiting somewhere new with expected new faces. Within twenty minutes and a few chats later, I felt welcome and ready to dance which was a good thing because Steve was already playing some great tracks. We had a few dances, I genuinely cannot call them warm-up dances as we were already so hot, and when the beginners class started, Clive headed off to join in while I sat out, cooling down. If there had been a shortage of female partners I would most definitely have stepped in but the numbers were balanced enough so I felt able to sit out.

The venue, staff and dancers were lovely and we fully intend to return, if for nothing else than to prove to Tracey and Steve that we were not avoiding them! We will definitely go back. We were able to chat to a number of dancers who we only ever see on Facebook or at freestyles where we are all too busy dancing to talk much.  With no new beginners last night, the two taxi dancers had a quiet one but were still welcoming and friendly. The dance floor remained full all night, everybody enjoying the variety of music being played.

Not only were we offered coffees towards the end of the evening, but Steve K had bought packs of Fab lollies to share with everyone, Sharon had prepared cooling slices of watermelon and, along with the coffees, Elaine had made some very tasty biscuits.

Steve’s intermediate routine went down well and he decided to name it ‘The Rain Dance’ on the information board. Secretly, we all know he had seen the weather forecast but we indulged him when the droplets started to fall later in the evening. The expected thunderstorm and heavy rain eluded us, with just those few drops falling, so the drive home was still warm, the car reporting temperatures of over 22 degrees at 11:00pm. Some might say we are greedy, having indulged in fresh watermelon, tasty biscuits and Fab lollies but I was so warm, I begged Clive to take me to pick up a Flake McFlurry. Surely its the only way to cool down after an evening of dancing during a heatwave?

Final word – thanks to all of the staff and dancers at North Walsham for making our first class visit a great one. See you all again, soon!

This picture is of a previous class night at this venue:


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A change of regular Ceroc venue, coupled with the continuing heatwave

Monday evening has arrived. Monday evening is extremely hot. The heatwave continues with temperatures back to the low thirties once more. We have decided not to go to our regular dance class tonight, instead we plan to go to North Walsham tomorrow night, and a regular class night that we don’t often attend. Our thinking was along the lines of the temperature hitting the low thirties tonight but the forecast being slightly lower for Tuesday evening. However, as often is the case, the forecast has now changed and Tuesday evening is set to be just as warm, possibly even warmer.

Theory one already scrapped by the weather forecast but, having come home to a gloriously warm garden with an invitingly shady corner, I have fixed a generous glass of Pimms (strawberry with a hint of mint, no less) poured over an even more generous portion of ice and lemonade for myself and a cider for my husband, we are in no state to drive to the other side of the city. Also, for some reason this evening, we both look as though we have already completed a full week’s work and its only Monday!

Theory two is now in motion. We planned to go to North Walsham and, therefore, we will go to North Walsham. We are real troopers and we will bear the heat to enjoy a dance. Our very good friend, Steve,  is teaching and DJ-ing tomorrow night, quite the multi-tasker, so it will be great to see him there. We don’t often go to the class at North Walsham and this has nothing to do with the teachers, DJ or regular dancers at the venue and everything to do with the fact that we love our Monday nights’ dancing after the weekend and we always go to Carnegie Room, Thetford class on a Wednesday, where I demo, and we like to enjoy a recovery day in three if we can. Coupled with the class I am helping at on Friday in Great Yarmouth this week, I think three nights will produce more than enough sweat, thank you kindly.

While we are far from reliant on meeting people we know at regular classes, we have so many friends at the various venues that, wherever we go, we are always made to feel welcome. So, having only attended freestyles at this venue, watch this space for news on whether we enjoyed our first actual Ceroc class at North Walsham.