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Christmas Eve

Christmas is upon us,
The big day’s Eve is here,
Time for last minute panics,
Avoiding Christmas cheer.


For, God forbid, you will forget,
To buy a condiment,
Or trim the tree uniquely so,
Is really not what’s meant.


If you have no religion,
Your faith is not your reason,
At least make family and friends,
The focus of the season.


Don’t panic if it’s not ‘just so’,
Much stress we give ourselves,
Soon it will be over, and,
Easter Eggs will adorn the shelves.


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Seasons Greetings

To all my followers, thank you for following my new blog during the latter part of 2018. I have been sporadic in posting and my goal for 2019 is to create regular posts on certain days of the week to keep it interesting. More to follow on that. Wishing you all a healthy and Happy Christmas and a fun-packed, successful 2019.

As I write this, I am assuming life will take over and I will be neglecting my blog completely over Christmas but who knows? After a glass or two of prosecco and a few mince pies I may find my creative juices flowing more freely and I might be more entertaining than usual so let’s call this a ‘just in case’ post.



Remember, my friends, you’re all perfect,

Maybe not in every way,

We can’t all aspire to be ‘Poppins’,

We all improve more, day by day.


Christmas, a time now to party,

Or relax, if that’s more of your thing,

Eat, drink and be merry, they tell us,

But not all of us, happiness brings.


Some may be sad, lost or lonely,

Some may be suffering need,

Spare, then, a thought for those others,

Those who don’t outwardly plead.


For many, who suffer in silence,

A visit, a chat or a call,

Is all that’s required, keep stresses at bay,

Just one gesture, be it small.


So spare, now, a thought for the lonely,

Remember, one day, could be you

Lost and with sadness, nobody to see,

Just wishing the day to be through.


I hope with my heart, you’re not lonely,

The season surrounds you with laughter,

You’re filled with much joy and elation,

And are blessed with much love ever after.










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The Man in Red

How dare you tell me he’s not real!

Why would you spread such lies?

We surely all have seen him,

Fly his sleigh across the skies.


We’ve all heard of his reindeer,

Who pull him on his way,

We know he has an army,

Elves with no time for play!


Tirelessly they spend their days,

Make toys and gifts for all,

From a quaint and pretty doll’s house,

To the simplest bouncy balls.


The workers under his command,

They have no time to snooze,

No need for rest ‘til work is done,

There’s just no time to lose.


When all is good and ready,

The presents neatly stacked,

The magic portal opens wide,

The night will be jam-packed.


He starts in Australasia,

His journey takes him west,

Covering every inch of sky,

Head to toe in red he’s dressed.


Calling out his ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’

Silhouetted by the moon,

His reindeer keeping perfect time,

Must not arrive too soon.


For if he comes when we’re awake,

His schedule must be changed,

He’ll have to make some detours,

His plans he must then rearrange.


He’s magical, but real for sure,

Be sure to leave a snack,

The poor man works for many hours,

He has no time to slack.


He’s partial to a cold mince pie,

And a swig or two of brandy,

The deer he’ll give a snack or two,

To keep them fine and dandy.


So many disbelievers,

Their Christmas spirit gone,

Those same are always quite content,

To open gifts he’s left, at dawn.


Although he doesn’t live nearby,

Resides far out of sight,

One thing is for certain,

Christmas Eve’s his busiest night!


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Time to Party!

Invitations aplenty, so many received,

Especially at Christmas, we should be relieved,

Time for the parties, and hours spent with friends,

Smile upon smile, the fun never ends.


But for some of us home-birds, we’d really prefer,

The warmth of our home, under blankets of fur,

Sat by the fire with hot chocolate in hands,

With only each other, don’t need other plans.


Eating and drinking, and copiously so,

Fighting the kiss, as we pass mistletoe,

Its really an effort to pull us away,

From our warm, cozy home to the murky and gray.


Its all overrated, we’re pushed to the fore,

With expected compliance we head for the door,

Sparkling with tinsel adorning our form,

Rehearsing the cliches they’ll hope we’ll perform.


Declined invitations, upon us are frowned,

Unwillingly honest if we stand our ground,

Tired, no, exhausted, we’ll join in their games,

Know any other way will just blacken our names.




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A Family Christmas

I turn to the sound of jingling bells,
Source, yet unknown, becomes near,
Eyes are alight with a million stars,
Abundantly draping, as every year.

Carols sung tunelessly, children are wrapped,
Snug from the chill ice and snow,
Vendors push wares, oft unwanted, stuffed bags,
Why do we fall for their patter? Don’t know.

Food hall is crowded, the cupboards to fill,
Snack foods and treats, endless meals,
Displayed festive boxes, the towers are high,
So much we’ll consume in short days, seems unreal.

Gift-wrap, a service to ease us of hours,
Spent on the floor by the fire,
Rather mulled wine, with feet up snug and warm,
Spend it with loved ones, there’s a tree to admire!

Gone are our days filling stockings, small hours,
Waiting for children to sleep,
Feasting on mince pies and carrots, hearth treats,
Leave only crumbs, with a secret to keep.

The seasonal magic we can only feel,
When loved ones are gathered close by,
Laughter and gaiety, food, drink and fun,
Changing roles over, as years pass us by.

No longer the hostess, much food to prepare,
Pans filled with food for the day,
Children are grown, now, with homes of their own,
We’re the guests this year, in their homes we’ll stay.

The years pass, same seasons are spent, many ways,
Loved ones, some lost and some new,
Days filled with family and friends, near and far,
The message is clear, merry Christmas, to you.