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From Embryo to Foetus

A gush and a gurgle surround my new home,

A poke and a prod, please just leave me alone?

Eager to check on my progress each day,

Will they just let me be, I will grow anyway.


A lump and a bump grow and then a new limb,

A guess I must look like a miracle within,

But those on the outside all seem to mislay,

The fact that they all started life in this way.


So certain that one day I will cause you some grief,

Through just giving birth, you will sigh with relief,

When it is all over, when I am good and ready,

Just enjoy me this way, take things slow and steady.


And when alone together, aft months in your womb,

Your arms, not your body, become my new home,

Together we take on the world now outside,

A team of two with you firmly by, and on, my side!