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Happy Birthday to the Love of My Life


When life throws us a curve-ball, you’re always right there,

Push it away, keeping my heart filled with cheer,

Finding the pluses, keeping my chin raised,

Never downtrodden, of nothing, you’re fazed.



At the end of the day, always meet me with smiles,

Despite life dealing its tribulations and trials,

Nothing ever too much that we can’t overcome,

My life would be nothing without you as my chum.


If two could be one, then of us it is true,

You’re lost without me, and I’m lost without you,

I need more than words to express how I feel,

One thing is for certain, this feeling’s so real.


When life’s ups and downs come careering our way,

Simply face them head on, there’s no time like today,

The testing of time, we are sure to withstand,

Whenever you’re near me, my hand in your hand.


You make me feel special, with kindness of heart,

If times become stormy, we are soon to restart,

You always ensure I am first on your list,

With your sweet reassurances, tell me I am missed.


For seven years and thirty, I waited it’s true,

Unknown such contentment, I could feel with you,

So today, my darling husband, is your special day,

I hope it brings happiness, in our own special way.

Daily Life, Poem, Writer's Blog

Remember, my love

Remember me always for my weird little smile,

Remember me even just once in a while,

Remember me for our happiest times,

Remember me spending our every last dime.

Remember the joy and the laughter we shared,

Remember the times our souls we have bared,

Remember the walks and our days in the sun,

Remember together we thought we were one.

Remember the bad days, few and far between,

Remember the intention was not to be mean.

Remember the promise when we said ‘I do’,

Remember, my darling I will always love you.