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Lazy Sunday

Stirring at six with my built in alarm,

Turn onto my side, wakefulness to disarm,

The hope is to gain me just one hour more,

No need for haste, should relax to the core.


Sleep will no longer return, calm my mind,

The day has begun, but I need to be kind,

My husband, my lover, still silent, asleep,

Not wanting to wake him, to the door I will creep.


Slide from under the duvet, my feet feel the floor,

Carefully stand as I head for the door,

Gently each step take, my caution laid bare,

He stirs, says ‘Good morning’ and stretches with care.


The strong smell of coffee filters throughout our home,

Rousing, allowing our thoughts just to roam,

Bodies wake slowly, with langour and sloth,

Sunday, relax here, a time for us both.