My name is Julie and I am on my journey to become a published writer. You are joining me partway through that journey. The screen featured above is the start of my search for a peaceful and uninterrupted place to write.  Our home is modest in size and, as is mostly the case, the second bedroom has become the storage room.  Nowhere to store all those dance shoes (more about that later) – guess where they are stored? My husband’s kite collection which is  ‘stored’ in the loft also seems to bleed into the spare room on a regular basis so my dressing room has lost its flavour.

What I needed most was to hide the junk. So I bought myself this beautiful screen. It is my ‘Tree of Writing Life’. The start of my life as a writer. Hidden from view, on the other side of this small room is a little desk, tucked under a set of 1970’s over-bed fitted wardrobes. Instead of a bed, there is my little desk (my little corner of heaven), housing my laptop and a selection of stationery.


I need to mention ‘we’ which, at home, is just me and my fabulous husband. We met in later life and his name is Clive. Between us, but not together, we have five children, grown up children; four sons and a daughter. My twin sons and Clive’s eldest went to school together while my daughter was in the year above and his youngest son was a couple of years below. We also have a beautiful little granddaughter.

Clive and I love to dance. Dancing is our greatest pleasure. We started learning not long after we moved in together and we have never looked back.  Clive loves to fly kites and, while I am happy to watch and occasionally fetch and carry those that don’t launch, I like to spend my time writing or reading. I will try to balance wit and wisdom for your reading pleasure.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you.


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