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Ceroc 60’s and 70’s night

Tonight is a normal lesson night at The Conservative Club in Great Yarmouth, but with a 60’s vs 70’s theme, dressing up being optional. However, optional is not a part of my or my husband’s vocabulary. We have fully embraced the theme (see photos below).

Gemma, our teacher tonight, along with her demo, Ivan, start off with the usual beginners lesson. Three beginner moves taught at just the right pace for anyone joining in, be they total beginner or an experienced dancer.

After the lesson there is a short freestyle break where dancers can practice their moves along with others. The intermediate lesson follows, during which the beginners are taken through to another room to go over their newly learned moves. At this stage, the beginners are helped by ‘Taxi Dancers’ who are experienced dancers.

Tonight there are a handful of dancers, around twenty of the sixty ish, who have dressed up in one or other of the eras.

Robert, tonight’s DJ, is playing a selection of tunes from both eras. As always, he manages to create a feel-good mood in the room. It may be helped along by the promise of the doughnuts which Anna, tonight’s door greeter and the franchisee for this area, has brought along.

For the intermediate fun lesson, Gemma decided to shake things up and taught the Halli Galli line dance. Apparently it was the first ever four-wall line dance. Taking a chance on doing something so different paid off and was a complete hoot! Everyone joined in and had a great laugh. The thing with line dances is, when you go wrong you make new friends because you end up facing them, albeit shamefully, giggles abound.

DJ Robert and resident Ceroc Fusion photographer, Dennis took the opportunity during the line dance to snap a few fun pictures. Dennis was also on hand with his camera throughout the evening, as well as managing to squeeze in some dancing of his own.

The doughnuts were duly served after the lesson, allowing us all to cool down before the remainder of the night was devoted to freestyle.

A fabulous, fun night was enjoyed by all and I cannot recommend Ceroc Fusion classes highly enough.

To find out more about classes visit http://www.ceroc.com


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