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I am going to update this page (links at the bottom and throughout this post) with my experiences of Ceroc. Ceroc has featured highly in my and my husband’s lives for over ten years now. If I can answer any questions you may have, especially as I slowly fill these pages with information and experiences, please do message me via the contact page. I would love to hear from you.


Sometimes there are freestyles (dance nights with no lesson – or maybe just a fun ice-breaker lesson) with a theme. While it is not compulsory to dress according to the theme, my husband and I do like to embrace it as often as we are able.  The above was an 80’s vs 90’s music night so we went with our favourite era – the 80’s.

Ceroc 60’s and 70’s night

Ceroc Lesson Format – What happens on a regular Ceroc class night? Click the link to see the running order of a class night. This is the same for all 150+ Ceroc UK class nights.

Our First Ever Ceroc Lesson

The photo below, shows me assisting as demo to one of our Ceroc teachers. There is no qualification required to be a demo, just the ability to pick up moves quickly and be able to demonstrate them smoothly, led by the dance teacher. I was asked to demo once, quite by accident, due to illness, and have never looked back. I now help Steve, the teacher shown below, most Wednesday nights as his regular partner (who is also his life partner) and is in the picture below that) has commitments which mean she cannot be there for both the beginners and intermediates. All dance teachers have a number of demo’s they can call on to ensure there is always someone who can help out.



Sometimes, the more experienced leads, more often men, learn how to lead more than one follower, more often ladies, at the same time, doing different moves with each. I liken this to playing the piano and have nothing but admiration for those who are able to do this. This is my husband doing just that (below). He only has a few ‘Double Trouble’ moves in is repertoire but it is always such a giggle that it doesn’t matter.


Beginners are helped by experienced dancers, called ‘Taxi Dancers’. These dances will go through the three newly acquired moves in a separate room with beginners while the intermediate lesson takes place. They can also be hailed (they are Taxi Dancers after all) during the evening up until ten o clock to dance with beginners. Nicky (Norwich Taxi Dancer Coordinator) and Ivan shown below are two of the Taxi Dancers from our area.


Our resident DJs do their best to keep on top of new music tracks and provide up to date tunes for all to enjoy. They try to ensure that all music tastes are catered for during the evening which, as you can see from the frown on Steve’s face (below) is sometimes a struggle.


For further information on all Ceroc classes across the country – and to find one near to you, please visit the official Ceroc website here.

Tips for a safer Dance Floor

Dancing Styles Vary

New venue in Acle

Friday Freestyle at Wild Stallion

Ceroc in Thetford, Norfolk

Ceroc in North Walsham, Norfolk

Summer Freestyle, Ceroc Thetford

Back to School freestyle, East Tuddenham

Christmas Party, Thetford 2018

New Year’s Eve freestyle and party 2018