Filtering out unwanted friends

Isn’t it strange just how much emphasis we put on our circle of friends?


I have friends from all walks of life and, while I don’t view them under labels, the labels are so varied, it’s eyewatering.

I have long-term friends from schooldays, old friends from former workplaces, friends who I am only in contact with through social media nowadays,  blogging friends who I have only ever chatted to online,  a disabled friend (who will always be my best friend), friends from dancing, friends who run their own businesses, friends who don’t work at all, retired friends, friends much younger than me, friends much richer than me (most of them, haha).

The list could go on forever. Its difficult to continue putting effort into friendship but as long as contact remains, you will always have friends.

A friend is someone who doesn’t constantly analyse the relationship, finding fault at every obstacle which is against their own set of blinkered beliefs. A friend will focus on the good times and filter out the bad times, unless intentional harm is caused which is another story altogether.

Most of all, friends support whatever path you take, be it quietly, remotely or right up there beside you.

I am truly blessed to have some fabulous friends, some equally great acquaintances,  a great family and, most of all and definitely top of the list, a fantastic husband.

There are times when you just need to walk away from a friendship and, although it can be sad and momentarily unsettling,  it can reward you with a freedom that you hadn’t realised was missing from your world.

Sometimes you just have to break free from the restraints of a friendship which has become stale and simply not worth the effort. Don’t be governed by those who feel they know ‘how to do it the right way’. They may simply be blinded by their own naivety and lack of experience in the real world.

Move forwards,  enjoy life.


1 thought on “Filtering out unwanted friends”

  1. I have two judgemental friends. One is very negative and the other is very critical. I think they both gossip and out people down due to their own insecurities but although I’ve distanced myself from them, I can’t let go as they are part of a very close circle of friends so they get added to group chats and social gatherings. Eventually, I hope they’ll get over their issues and return to being the carefree happy girls we all started out as. We’ve been friends for three decades so they are like family. When I realised I need to let them go, I was so upset and felt like I had lost a part of myself. The things they would say would get under my skin and I couldn’t deal with it anymore.


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